Dali Indigo for Monocle magazine

Hand made objects are becoming rare as so many craftsmen are being replaced by machines. There is a Chinese village in a province of Yunnan called Dali that keeps alive a tradition of indigo dyeing. Its called Dali.


Beer 4 Nepal

Raised over 11K € for the victims of Nepal earthquake selling beer from a bicycle. Check out what we've done with it on gipsytears.com




Collision Yangon

3 weeks in Yangon with a good friend / amazing photographer Andrew Rowat and some large format cameras.

Shot on stolen time in between loading up film, setting up cameras and wiping off buckets of sweat.

FT Weekend Troubled Waters

  For this story we have traveled to the downstream Mekong to find out how the locals of Thailand and Laos are managing to adjust their lives to an ever changing flow of the mighty Mekong River. Interesting read from Pilita Clark.

Dried out riverside ground of Mekong.jpg

Tibetan plateau story for FT Weekend

When Leslie called me to discuss shooting this story for FT Weekend one of the first things she asked was 'how are you with heights'? The legitimacy of her question hit me much later, when we found ourselves interviewing tibetans living in the highlands of Qinghai province some 4500 meters above sea level. The oxygen is so scarce that walking feels like a most intense workout.

 Its a story about climate change and politics and water but above all its a story about people living high up in the grasslands. Full story by Leslie Hook.

BAK_7580 copy.jpg

Jaguar lunchbox for Wallpaper*

This film was shot as part of the project 'Handmade' where designers inspired by Jaguar would create a hand made piece to extend the experience of the car. Design by Shanghai based creative duo Neri & Hu.